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CAWD-428 7 days during return to home. indulged in comforting dense sex with big dick adulterous father-in-law beside her sexless husband for 2 years… Mayuki Ito and her husband had a week off, so she invited her husband to go on a trip to rekindle their relationship. Recently Mayuki has been extremely lonely as her husband doesn't seem to care much for her, even though she is an extremely beautiful and sexy girl. Mayuki's husband agreed, but he took her back to his hometown to visit his father instead of a romantic trip with just the two of them. Returning to her father-in-law's house, Mayuki was even more sad when her husband only worried about going out drinking with old friends and neglected her. Mayuki had to stay at home and masturbate to relieve her cravings. By chance, Mayuki's father-in-law saw her masturbating and he seemed to understand everything. Because he loved his daughter-in-law, he decided to help her relieve her boredom. Let's follow what my father-in-law did to help Mayuki.

CAWD-428 Dad, I'm out
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