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Recently, my wife started dieting again and seems addicted to watching videos. I was afraid of gaining weight so I saw my wife watching videos of weight loss exercises and following a trainer. Coach Hibiki, a man with a perfect body and good looks. His class appears to be accepting students and his wife asks him to register. Cute and polite Hibaki showed us around, but for some reason the distance between the two of us grew bigger and bigger! Hibiki suggests teaching each person individually, because teaching two people at the same time is not effective. Hibaki continued to devote herself to teaching me the next day, but she seemed to touch me even more, puffing out her chest as if inviting me. And he really fascinated me! I continue to deny it because I'm married, but Hibiki's charm is irresistible to men! After a while, my body became stronger and stronger. I don't know if it was the effect of the hard training or the constant rain and showers on me and my coach …

Having an affair with a PT girl while going to the gym with his wife
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